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Instrumental and spectral characteristics germane to chemical dating of monazite have been tested using the Cameca SX at Rensselaer.

American Mineralogist ; 94 7 : — Granitoid monazite is a potential candidate for restitic origin because of its very low dissolution rates. They are interpreted as the result of late-magmatic replacement by a dissolution-reprecipitation mechanism. Garnet is mostly magmatic, with peritectic cores, and the granite is thought to have formed by biotite fluid-absent melting.

Chemical and textural relations enable the distinction of four types of monazite, which have been dated. Monazite types I—III are considered to be inherited from a metamorphic protolith, whereas type IV is interpreted to be the age of the latest magmatism.

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Comparative isotopic and chemical geochronometry of monazite, with implications for U-Th-Pb dating by electron microprobe: An example from metamorphic.

Roberto F. Weinberg , Lauren C. Kylander-Clark, Raul Becchio. Monazite is an abundant accessory mineral in metasedimentary rocks and their anatectic products. Trace element analysis combined with U-Pb dating of monazite is widely used to reconstruct P-T-t histories of high-grade metamorphic terranes. This approach relies on interpreting U-Pb dates, which requires understanding the processes that cause isotopic disturbances.

Despite each sample yielding a reasonable Famatinian monazite mean date, the results reveal that the isotopic system has been perturbed. Data for each rock sample yield similar date spread for both the cores and the well-defined rims of single monazite grains, indicating a disconnect between U-Pb dates and chemical zonation. We interpret these random within-grain date variations as a result of coupled dissolution-reprecipitation reactions between monazite grains and ambient fluids, most likely silicate melts.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Representing diverse igneous and metamorphic lithologies, these grains yielded conventional isotopic ages ranging in age from Neoarchean to Devonian. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed.

electron gun for electron beam generation, which is based on a new analytical protocol for the. U–Th–Pb chemical dating of monazite (Pandey et al. ).

Kawakami, N. Nakano , F. Higashino, T. Hokada, Y. Osanai , M. Yuhara, P.

University of Tasmania

Detrital monazite from Upper Jurassic sediments in the central part of the Frolov megadepression, West Siberian megabasin, is studied. Chemical composition of the mineral is studied and data on its age chemical dating are presented. Most monazite clasts are characterized by low roundness and their age corresponds to the Lower Paleozoic.

Chemical U – Th – Pb dating of monazite from 12 schists throughout western and central Tasmania define a peak metamorphic age of ca

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Email Address. Sign In. Accessory Mineral Behaviour in Granulite Migmatites: a Case Study from the Kerala Khondalite Belt, India Abstract: Zircon, monazite, garnet and feldspar trace element microanalysis, zircon and monazite U—Pb isotopic ages and monazite Th—U—Pb chemical dating, determined in situ from a leucogranitic vein in migmatitic gneiss at Kulappara in the Kerala Khondalite Belt Trivandrum Block , India, demonstrate accessory mineral crystallization from an evolving melt-bearing system from c.

This zircon precipitated prior to crystallization of significant garnet, trapping melt as inclusions that later crystallized to cryptogranite within zircon cores. Further zircon crystallization ensued under localized closed-system conditions leading to the establishment of zircon—garnet REE equilibrium at least on local i. Article :. Date of Publication: Oct. Need Help?

Results of chemical dating of monazite from the Talnakh economic intrusion (Russia)

Here we examine the control of major element chemistry in influencing the crystallization of monazite in granites Salihli and Turgutlu bodies and garnet-bearing metamorphic assemblages Bozdag and Bayindir nappes from the Menderes Massif, western Turkey. In S-type granites from the massif, the presence of monazite correlates to the CaO and Al 2 O 3 content of the whole rock. Granites with monazite only are low Ca 0. As CaO increases from 2. However, examining data reported elsewhere for A-type granites, the correlation between major element chemistry and presence of monazite is likely restricted to S-type lithologies.

Detection and chemical mapping of monazite was conducted using the JEOL JXA electron microprobe (EMP) at AGH University of Science.

Monazite is a light rare earth element LREE -bearing phosphate mineral. Crystals typically contain distinct chemical domains, each of which represent successive growth thru geologic history. Electron microprobe analysis can characterize the geometry and U-Th- total Pb age for each domain. This kind of data allow the growth of monazite to be related to geologic events affecting the host rock.

Monazite is common in pelitic and psammitic metamorphic rocks at greenschist facies and above where it is often recognized as inclusions in porphyroblasts but may also be in direct connection with the matrix. Locating monazite grains can be done on standard geological thin sections via x-ray compositional mapping. Figure 7A reveals a cerium x-ray map on a quartzite sample from the Cheyenne belt.

Peaks in cerium content may correlate to large monazite grains. Figure 8 shows compositional zonation on selected grains identified in figure 7. These individual domains likely represent successive generations of monazite growth and can be targeted for crystallization dates. Dating monazite follows the U-Th total Pb age method which is described elsewhere in the website.

Monazite geochronology

Widoczny [Schowaj] Abstrakt. Tables, graphs and references. Fluid-induced dis-turbance of the monazite Th—Pb chronometer: In situ dating and element mapping in pegmatites from the Rhodope Greece, Bul-garia. Chemical Geology : , DOI The half-lives of uranium and thorium Chemi-cal Geology : , DOI

Zircon U-Pb dating, monazite chemical dating and trace element analyses of zircon, monazite and garnet have been carried out on the garnetites and.

Polygenetic monazite grains in diverse Precambrian crystalline rocks from the Black Hills, South Dakota, have been analyzed in situ by ion and electron microprobe methods SHRIMP and EMP , to evaluate the accuracy and precision of EMP ages determined using a new analytical protocol that incorporates improved background acquisition and interference corrections. The monazite data set includes EMP chemical analyses from 26 grains in six metamorphic rocks, which resolve into 54 age-composition domains, and 31 SHRIMP isotopic ages from 13 grains in one of the rocks, with six grains microanalyzed in common by the two methods.

The data set also includes monazite-bearing garnets in two of the rocks, whose isotopic compositions were analyzed using Pb stepwise-leaching PbSL methods. The EMP data set is interpreted geologically as reflecting multiple episodes of monazite growth that are provisionally related to known metamorphic events in the Black Hills. Open Access. About Us. English Deutsch. Sign In Create Profile.

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Electron Microprobe Dating of Monazite

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mined by the U-Th-Pb chemical dating using EMP at The. National Science Museum, Tokyo. Then we discuss the provenance of monazites based on the.

Hacker, M. Racek, R. Holder, A. Kylander-Clark, K. Schulmann, P. Monazite laser ablation—split-stream inductively coupled plasma—mass spectrometry LASS was used to date monazite in situ in Barrovian-type micaschists of the Moravian zone in the Thaya window, Bohemian Massif. Heterogeneously developed retrograde shear zones S 3 are marked by widespread chloritization, but minor chlorite is present in the studied samples.

Monazite is zoned, showing embayments and sharp boundaries between zones, with low Y in the staurolite zone, high-Y cores and low-Y rims in the kyanite zone, and high-Y cores, a low-Y mantle and a high-Y rim in the sillimanite zone. A systematic increase in heavy rare earth element HREE content with decreasing monazite age from to Ma is correlated with growth on the prograde P—T path; the drop in HREE of monazite at — Ma is assigned to recrystallization.

The presence of chlorite even in the least retrogressed samples witnesses limited external fluid availability on the retrograde P—T path. Migration of this fluid was probably responsible for heterogeneous fluid-assisted recrystallization and resetting of original prograde monazite, even where included in garnet, staurolite or kyanite. The timing of burial in the Thaya window, a deformed part of the underthrust Brunia microcontinent, was coeval with exhumation of granulites and migmatites of the Moldanubian orogenic root at c.

Monazite is extensively used to date metamorphism in medium-grade felsic rocks.

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Electron probe microanalysis EPMA dating of monazite has been developed over decades. However, limited by the detectability and analytical sensitivity of dating-related elements Th, Pb, U and Y , the EPMA dating has been restricted to geological research. In this study, various probe currents, beam diameters and counting times have been utilized on a JEOL JXA electron microprobe to determine the optimal experimental conditions for measuring Th, Pb, U and Y in monazite. We apply this method to monazite from garnet-bearing biotite gneiss in the Zanhuang area of the Central Orogenic Belt of the North China Craton.

To date, however, only conceptual studies exist. Rare earth elements are a group of seventeen chemical elements that occur together deposits, loparite which occurs in alkaline igneous rocks and monazite (a phosphate).

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