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Extreme Cheapskates. Stream now. Guide to Love. Follow a group of penny-pinchers who want to hit the open road without breaking open their wallets including a family of four who share one bunk bed at a Dude Ranch and a mom and daughter who wear their clothes and pack food in their carry on. Follow some of the most peculiar self-proclaimed frugalistas as they go to radical lengths to save money.

These extreme penny pinchers share their best money saving tips, from dumpster diving to excessive recycling to strict budgeting.

Now, for the first time comes an extreme, high-stakes competition where best-in-​class butchers battle in a showdown designed to put their knowledge, strategy.

Ten survival experts are dropped off in separate and extremely remote locations on Northern Vancouver Island. Equipped with only limited gear, their years of wilderness experience, and cameras to self-document their journeys, the men are completely isolated from one another as they struggle to live in the wild for as long as they can.

Attempting to survive unaided in a thick and desolate rainforest presents immediate challenges to everyone. While each character battles to simply enter the dense forest and find a suitable base camp, they must also find water and make a shelter before night falls and temperatures drop. While predators continue to cause problems for a number of the men, water soon becomes a crucial hurdle for others.

From fast rising tides to relentless rains, each of the men must adapt to his new environment or tap out and go home. But it will be a quest for a clean water source that sends one man on a perilous journey in a rickety boat made of sticks. After only a short time in the wild, the men find that extreme isolation is beginning to take its toll. A survivalist undertakes a massive cabin project, one man loses his most important tool and another is charged by a large predator leaving him to fend for his life.

As the days pass, the remaining survivalists show signs of cracking. One man battles isolation as another breaks down after missing his daughters 4th birthday. A punishing storm batters the remaining men and gale force winds rip through their makeshift camps. One survivalist pushes his bush-craft skills to limit trying to find a way to set sail on the turbulent seas.


Journalist Raphael Rowe lives like an inmate while investigating dangerous prisons in Paraguay, Germany, Mauritius and Lesotho. Raphael Rowe spends a week behind bars at Tacumbu prison in Paraguay, where inmates scrounge in the trash in order to pay their own way. Schwalmstadt, a 12th-century fortress surrounded by a moat, houses some of Germany’s worst offenders, many of whom attend intense therapy sessions.

The tropical island of Mauritius is home to Melrose maximum security prison, where even the smallest infraction is met with extreme punishment. An unnerved Rowe contends with aggressive cellmates at Maseru prison, where a high number of inmates are behind bars for rape.

Given that season three will be the final instalment of The Rain, expect to see these fears play out to more extreme measures than ever before.

Al Hayba Season 2 Episode 3 Your rating: 0. A small baby got into the hospital as the lebanese army threw hundreds of tear gas that entered the houses of residents of bab al-tebbeneh in Tripoli. Nahed refuses to allow Alia to leave for Beirut with Joe. Owais Mukhalalti. Season 2 guide for Al Hayba TV series – see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary.

Al Hayba is the best Lebanese-Syrian drama television series Al Hayba drama is one of the most famous Lebanese-Syrian drama television series. Al Hayba Fans Also Viewed. Season 1 Episode 3 21 aprilie Episode 2.

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

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The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Boyka: Undisputed Online Subtitrat in Romana – Actiunea acestui film 6 Mb/s Movie name: Boyka Undisputed – [email protected] Encoded date: UTC.

A documentary featuring Steven Greer, apostle of the alien-visitation disclosure movement, has tantalizing “sightings,” but reveals that ET obsession is now the mother ship of conspiracy theory. By Owen Gleiberman. Chief Film Critic. CE5 Event, Sept. There are shaky-cam videos of glowing discs that hover and vanish into the ether and what look like a pair of suns that appear on an ocean horizon.

There are mysterious lights, sometimes three in a triangle , sometimes five in a cluster , or 10 in the shape of a V. One more saucer-shaped thingy! Another blip, another blob, another fuzzy pulsating orb, another streak of light too crooked to be a comet trail. Are these really alien ships? Or are they close encounters of the WTF kind? And that, in a way, is the point of all UFO porn: to provide a conversion experience.

I was blind, and now I believe in ETs! It has kept these close encounters hidden in the darkness — and just as deceptively, it has advertised, through the mainstream media and Hollywood movies, the notion that if life beyond earth exists, it must surely be hostile.

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We’ve all experienced love. We’ve loved and been loved by parents, brothers, sisters, friends, even pets. But romantic love is different. It’s an intense, new feeling unlike any of these other ways of loving. Loving and being loved adds richness to our lives. When people feel close to others they are happier and even healthier.

Dating can seem like a great way to have someone to go places with and do race, this kind of passion is exhilarating but far too extreme to keep going forever.

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. A film crew travels to the Austrian Alps near the former Yugoslav border to film three extreme sports enthusiasts being chased down by an avalanche for a commercial. What they don’t know, however, is that they’re filming near the secret hideout of Slobodan Pavle, a Serbian war criminal.

Accidentally catching him on film, they become locked in a life-or-death chase for their lives through the mountains that includes skiing, snowboarding, sky diving, white water rafting, helicopters, motorcycles and base jumping. Written by Schleppy. I couldn’t resist with that one line summary above.

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But that’s yesterday’s problem. The Independent State of Croatia, which at first refused to accept Slovenes, made a deal with the Germans: for every Slovene they accepted, they would be entitled to deport a Serb. The last time the CDC had issued a quarantine was over 50 years ago in the s, for smallpox. Pulski filmski festival – Pula Film Festival. Croatia, seven years after bankruptcy.

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